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A couple months ago we talked about AMEE - the Avoiding Mass Extinction Engine - which has the goal of giving everything on earth an energy identity. We covered the organization at ETech, along with some scary future scenarios to be avoided by getting our acts together now. The group has come up with an interesting radar graphic, and wants a little feedback.The future scenarios take into account the idea of peak everything - water, oil, carbon emissions... - and what humans are likely to do as a response as we hit our planet's limits. It's a very glass half full/half empty way of wondering about our future, with some humor thrown in by labeling the possibilities with movie titles.

The graphic is posted on Flickr, and states:

Our possible futures are:

1. Venus syndrome (not a movie, just extinction...)
2. Mad Max (dystopian protectionism)
3. Brazil (dystopian war-economy)
4. Bladerunner (risk-based hegemony/pseudo-democracy)
5. AI (needs based commons)
6. Star Trek (utopian technocracy)
7. The Prisoner (totalitarian dictatorship)

Vote/comment now!

1) Which future do you expect?
2) Which future would you like?
3) Any other outcomes?
4) Any other movie recommendations?

If you want to put in your two cents, click through to the Flickr page...and of course leave your thoughts here on TreeHugger as well.

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