AMEE and EQ2 Partner for Better Emissions Reporting Transparency

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In March, we talked about AMEE - the Avoiding Mass Extinction Engine - that aims to give everything on the planet an energy identity, and make that energy identity something useful. The organization feels that is the key to ensuring life as we enjoy it continues on. They've recently partnered up with another great organization, EQ2, which will help connect businesses and investors with the information AMEE is gathering, so that the information makes an impact. Back when HP announced they were releasing supply chain emissions data, we were pretty happy because that's a move in a direction we want to see. However, we weren't completely overjoyed because there is still no solid way to ensure the data is complete, accurate, and in a format that can be used for comparison across supply chains of other manufacturers.

The partnership of AMEE and EQ2 is working on fixing exactly this issue:

EQ2 and AMEE announce that they are to partner in a global effort to bring transparency, truth and accuracy to the measurement of the world's environmental impact and energy usage reporting...The result of this collaboration will be the first credit reference style reporting of the environment, equivalent in certitude to that of a Dun and Bradstreet report. To provide a more concise approach to measuring a company's impacts and emissions, EQ2 has developed an equivalent process to KPI's using Sustainability Key Performance Indicators (S-KPI's).

It will still allow for a company to protect their brand - something we admit is necessary, though it currently can stand in the way of progress - and will help move us a bit closer to being able to know a company's true emissions data, so that when goals for reductions are set, there is an accurate starting point.

EQ2 is the business connection - working with investors and companies alike for corporate disclosure - and AMEE is the data connection - gathering information on everything including buildings, products, supply chains, countries, etc and consumption data such as fuel, water and waste quantitative factors. The duo will hopefully get good things going in helping businesses accurately and honestly report their environmental impact, and make corporate changes that are more walk than talk.

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