Amazing Photo of Earth Taken With Point-n-Shoot Camera and Balloon

Who needs high-tech, fossil fueled vehicles to get amazing images of the earth from 22 miles overhead? Not Robert Harrison, who captured this incredible images with just a digital camera and a helium-filled balloon. You can check out the details about how he did it and try it out yourself. Crunchgear writes, "It's the space-photography equivalent of macaroni glued to construction paper."

All one needs is a high-altitude balloon filled with helium, a digital camera, and if you want the camera back, a GPS attached to it so you can find it. The cost? About $750 all said. It might seem like an expensive "macaroni glued to construction paper" project, but when you're capturing images like these from basically your back yard, that's not too bad.

The camera is set to take a photo every five minutes, and when the balloon pops, it drifts back to earth on a little parachute. Each photo "mission" lasts about 3 hours. How's that for easy nature photography?

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