Algae Biodiesel Facility Plan for Maui Announced, Operation Could Begin 2011

HRBP algae pond photo

photo: HR BioPetroleum

The green/renewable energy initiatives of Hawaii have been coming increasingly into the spotlight lately. Most recently plans for sea-water air conditioning and a mandate for solar water heating in new homes. Though still in the planning stage of development, the state may be getting another piece of green tech: a commercial-scale microalgae facility for the the production of biodiesel.

Algae Facility Planned, But Details Not Finalized
Announced yesterday, HR BioPetroleum will be partnering with Alexander & Baldwin, Hawaiian Electric and Maui Electric to pursue development of an algae facility next to the Ma'alaea power plant on the island of Maui. Nothing is final yet however as regulatory approval has yet to be received, project financing details have to be finalized, and HR BioPetroleum needs to confirm the performance of its pilot and demonstration projects. Assuming all that is worked out in a timely fashion, the first phase of the facility could begin operating in 2011. This facility would be the first commercial-scale facility for HR BioPetroleum.

Praising the announcement, Hawaii governor Linda Lingle said, "There is no single source of energy that will break our dependence on foreign oil, but investments in renewable projects such as this are part of the comprehensive solution to provide energy alternatives for our state."

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