Al Gore Speaks at West Coast Green 2008

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Al Gore was the keynote speaker for this final day of West Coast Green.

WCG is a convention to which major innovators in green technology come together to share ideas. Of course, at the center would be someone as influential to the movement as Gore.

Quotes from the speech and photos after the jump.

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The Civic Auditorium, where Gore spoke was powered by SolaRover, a mobile solar power generator.

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"There's been this bail out of the financial market. Well I think we need a bail in of renewable energy and green building. I actually do think that the green revolution is the solution to the financial crisis, the national security crisis, the debt crisis, and the climate crisis."

al gore speaking at west coast green photo

"You know the old cliché, there's nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Right up there on the list of the most powerful things that can release a lot of energy is an assumption whose time has passed and suddenly collapses."

al gore speaks at west coast green photo

"Every other nation that is failing to take action shares the same excuse for not doing so. They all point to the United States and say, "Well if the United States isn't doing anything, why should we?"

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