Al Gore Launches Interactive Digital Book App About Climate Crisis (Interview)

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In true 21st century fashion, Al Gore doesn't stop at the printing press when it comes to offering his book, Our Choice, to the masses. Taking a cue from the popularity of both digital books and apps, Gore's book has been turned into an interactive adventure for reading. Check out a video of the app, and an audio interview between Graham Hill and Al Gore from earlier this week. The Our Choice App is the first effort from PushPop Press, in collaboration with Rodale Inc. and Melcher Media, and they've created something very unique in this new app.

TreeHugger Graham Hill interviewed Al Gore yesterday about his new project, and you can listen to that audio here:

Read the interview between Graham Hill and Al Gore, or click the link at the bottom of the post.

Now, instead of getting just a copy of the book, or just an app with supplemental information, you get both. The app features documentary film footage, photos, animations, audio, and interactive graphics -- some which even work when you blow into the microphone. Now that's interactive.

The goal is that you get so involved with the information from the book, that you make a change in your understanding of and behavior toward our planet's resources.

"When iPad launched, we asked ourselves the question: 'What would happen if we reimagined the book?'" said Kimon Tsinteris, Co-Founder and Chief Programmer for PushPop Press in a press release. "Today, with the launch of theOur Choice App, we are finally able to show the world what the future of book publishing looks like."

It reminds me a little of Choose Your Own Adventure books meets television -- it's a solution that suits our ever more ADD culture and makes darn sure that people learn something no matter what their preferences for taking in information, be it video, audio, infographics, and so on.

"From the perspective of merging form and content into an interactive, kinetic learning experience, we feel this app is a quantum leap forward," explains Charles Melcher, President of Melcher Media. "The Our ChoiceApp lets the reader visualize and absorb information in a completely new way."

Here's how it works:

Al Gore's Our Choice from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

For right now, the app is offered at an intro price of $4.99. It's not a bad price considering how much content is there.

Interactive app fans can expect more of the same, coming soon -- Melcher developed a whole new publishing platform to help bring books, information, and media to life -- so the Our Choice app is just the tip of the iceberg; finally, an iceberg that isn't destined to just melt away.

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