Al Gore and Cohorts Applying for .eco Web Domain


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Al Gore, along with some big names in Hollywood, are backing the idea of a .eco domain registration for the web, to be used specifically for green companies and organizations. But the novelty doesn't end there.Dot Eco LLC is a group run by Hollywood notables such as director Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth"), actor Roger Moore, as well as author Richard Muller, and Jim Dufour of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Dot Eco LLC and Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection are looking to partner up and submit .eco to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers as a new domain name.

The best part is the majority of the profits from the sale of those domain names will go to environmental charitable causes. While it wouldn't prevent greenwashing with anyone wanting to put their green face on by buying a .eco to go with their .com, .org or .net, it would certainly take advantage of the wave of businesses and groups trying to claim their new domain and funnel additional funds into worthy environmental causes.

It'll be about a year, though, before we find out if .eco beats out other applicants, including New York's .nyc, London's .london, and Paris' .paris. We're thinking .eco is a far better, and definitely more globally relevant option.

Via Politico
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