Air-Pots, How to Grow Healthy Trees for Replanting in Urban Areas (Video)

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We like trees in our cities and urban zones; they enhance the air quality, provide shade and are also nice to look at. However, to get those trees into the cities is not an easy task. Josep Selga, who reinvented the way we farm trees at Santa & Cole Forestry Division in Spain, asked the following questions at TEDx in Barcelona this month: Do we know how to cultivate trees to plant in our cities? Do we know how to plant trees that need transportation? It seems we don't because as Selga continued, "5-18% of the roots is all we are currently transporting from the fields to the cities; the rest are left behind in the nursery". This results in bad quality and very slow growing trees. The Australian horticulturalist Jaime Single invented a reusable pot that let's the roots grow in a non-spiralling root system that is impossible to develop in any other available container, and results in good quality and easy-to-replant trees. His invention is called the Air-Pot.
Reuse, Reduce Recycle

The Superoots Air-Pot is plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. It is made of recycled HDPE that can be recycled at the end of its life, but more over, it can be reused many times before that. The Air-Pot comes in a roll and is circular in shape with a perforated sidewall, textured like an egg carton.

Non-Spiralling Happy Roots

Usually roots in pots start spiralling when they touch the flat surface of the container, which results in an unhealthy and unstable tree. Air-Pots however create a healthy root system that looses no roots when transported and replanted. How? The special pots prune the roots of the trees with air, called air-pruning. The cones in the sidewalls have holes, which dehydrate the tip of the roots due to a sudden greater air density in the soil, resulting in the air-pruning. This in turn stimulates the tree to create more roots in order to make up for the lost ones. That way, the tree creates a very dense and fibrous radial root system much quicker than standard pots. But most of all the roots that have expanded in a natural radial (not spiralling) way are much healthier. Once the tree arrives at its final destination, the Air-Pot is simply peeled of and the tree can carry on growing its roots outwards.

Only Benefits

-eliminate root circling.
-reduce growing time on the nursery.
-simplify production.
-double - at least - the "shelf-life" of stock.
-reduce losses dramatically.
-ensure Superior Performance in Extremes of Weather.
-is made of recycled and recyclable HDPE.

Visit the Superoot web site for more detailed information and plenty of videos of how Air-Pots work. ::Superoots Air-Pot

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