Agri-Cube Is A High-Tech Portable Vegetable Factory

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For those experiencing problems with putting a garden in their front yard, what about putting this bad boy in your driveway? The Agri-Cube is a driveway-sized pod for producing veggies, and comes complete with variable lighting and climate control.

Created by Daiwa House, a company in Japan, the hydroponic food factory can yield up to 10,000 veggies a year, and has everything the plants need to grow, from lighting that can be adjusted for each type of plant to water recycling. It can also use solar panels to generate the electricity needed to run the system, which we are guessing is significant. Even with the higher cost of electricity going into the system, the company says that a full year's worth of produce comes to just $0.45 a vegetable. As food gets more expensive to grow and transport, this Agri-Cube is an interesting alternative for growing affordable, organic, local vegetables in urban areas, or even inside buildings.

Red Ferret notes, "The Agri-Cube costs from $70,000, and it initially being targeted at places like restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other operations that might benefit from a local and constant source of vegetables. One question that these intensive production methods raise is whether it will be like factory farmed meats and fowl. Will the end result eventually mean a sacrifice in nutritional quality and flavor? Time will tell."

Is it depressingly futuristic? Yep. Will it one day be necessary for certain parts of the world? Maybe so. But for now, we're a lot more excited about the idea of transitioning lawns into gardens instead of converting driveways into food factories.

Agri-Cube Is A High-Tech Portable Vegetable Factory
As it gets harder and more expensive to grow and transport produce in some areas of the world, a portable, self-contained veggie-growing box might just be a solution to feeding folks.

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