Agilewaves Shows Off User-Friendly Home Energy Monitoring System at WCG 2008 Showhouse

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Home energy monitoring systems are becoming more popular for people who want to see what they're using, and then cut back. With what is hands down the coolest home energy monitoring system I’ve seen to date, Agilewaves is making an impact on turning smart homes into a reality with an interactive, user-friendly utilities monitoring system.

Providing highly detailed, personalized information to homeowners in the simplest forms possible, Agilewaves' evolved monitoring system is helping reduce the useage of water, gas and electricity, and ultimately the carbon footprints of homes, businesses, and even schools.

Shown off at West Coast Green’s demonstration showhouse, I got an up-close look at just how detailed this system can get. What is the Agilewaves Resource Monitoring System
Agilewaves' resource monitor is a touchscreen monitor that allows users to drill down to specific information about water, gas and electricity usage, see what that usage means in terms of dollars and carbon footprint, and set goals for resource use and capping their impact.

Users can monitor their data from afar through their internet or web-enabled phone and mobile devices, and can receive text and email alerts if they're approaching the limits they've set for themselves.

Highly Detailed Information Puts Users In Control
Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where your energy is going within your home. But with monitoring systems like this, the information can get extremely detailed. With Agilewaves' system, users can look at energy use in each room of the home, and will soon be able to see pinpointed information down to even the exact appliance and outlet.

Already, a parent can see if their teen has been watching television in their room all night long. But in the next iteration of the system, they'll be able to pinpoint, say, a leaky irrigation system as the reason for a spike in their water bill.

Additionally, the system itself uses an extremely low wattage - between 20 and 30 watts depending on the size of the system - so it makes as little impact on homeowners' energy use as possible.

Users Get Real Time Data With A Long History
Agilewaves Resource Monitoring System provides real-time information. It updates energy use information every five minutes from the whole home or system, and stores that information for seven years. Users can then compare that information to their usage yesterday, last week, over the last year, and so forth, giving them a full picture of their habits and their progress.

The system does not require a smart grid to function, but can be integrated into a smart grid if one is running in a user's area.

As Homes Get Smarter, Homeowners Conserve More
Agilewaves is well on its way to turning homes into truly smart living spaces, with homeowners in full control of their energy use.

Such control over energy use means customers can make an average of a 20% reduction on their resource intake. Considering the best energy source is conservation, using what we have wisely will result in a low carbon footprint, low utility bills, and energy resources for the future.

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