African Student Transforms TV Parts Into Smart Robot (Video)

Image via video screengrab

A handful of those useless CRT TVs heading for scrap piles are getting a new lease on life as a robot, and a potential source of inspiration to students. SAM10 is the latest invention of Sam Todo, a student in Togo, Africa. It's a humanoid robot, and it's made entirely from scrap electronic parts. It's purpose is not just to do cool robotic stuff, but also to get more students interested in the sciences.

According to Gizmo Watch, "Sam Todo is the latest genius in making robots from everything we call scrap." He developed a robot out of old TV parts and various other electronic scraps and is planning to turn it into a robot that can greet people, calculate the distance of objects in front of it and avoid running into them. And he developed it primarily to get students interested in the sciences. Check out a video of him working on the robot, and a short interview.

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