AeroCarbon Car

Costing over £2 million in research funds this wee beastie can reach speeds of 90mph (144kph) while getting by on the proverbial "smell of an oily rag" (just 100 mpg or 2.8 litres/100km). So what radical new engine and fuel system does this four seater use? Nothing special. A little Honda 660cc petrol engine, in fact. Its real performance comes from the low weight (half that of a steel car), yet strong frame of carbon fibre and some very serious, low air-drag shaping. Unfortunately the project seems to have stalled, with the British government arguing the toss as to whether it classifies as an energy saving vehicle. Huh? Seems you have to be a hydrogen or fuel cell baby to suck on the govt grant teat and nobody wants to know this undeniably fuel efficient petrol orphan. Let's hope someone adopts it soon and the concept grows into a productive member of society. Via Webzine UK, ::Coretex [by WM]