Advance Excerpts of "Electronomics: How the Smart Grid Will Power American Prosperity"

power lines in countryside photo

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Green Tech Media is publishing some some exciting posts - they're exerpts from the upcoming book Electronomics: How the Smart Grid Will Power American Prosperity.

Read on for what the premise of this book is all about. Author Jesse Berst, the head of GlobalSmartEnergy, is proposing that updating the grid will rebound the economy. The argument will be presenting in a forthcoming book. The premise-at-a-glance makes perfect sense, considering not only will updating the grid produce jobs in many industries, from hardware to software to installation of grid tools, but also help consumers conserve energy and money, and boost alternative energy research, development, and installation that can finally be utilized in the grid.

Advance excerpts from the book are being published on Green Tech Media, and are definitely worth checking out.

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