Adorable Sculptures Created from e-Waste

e-waste bike photo

Images via Greenopolis

Art made from waste is a favorite subject around here, especially when that artwork is cute and/or gorgeous. A few artists have created sculptures that fill both categories, using junked electronics. Miguel Rivera, Alexdromeda, George Sabra, and Brenda Guyton all have created some extraordinary pieces anyone with an affinity for interesting art would love to have in their homes.Greenopolis points us to these creative folks. Some of the pieces are flat out cute, like this little vehicle by Miguel Rivera:

e-waste art image

Others lead toward the whimsical, like those from George Sabra:

e-waste art image

Some of these aren't without pricetags as hefty as the expensive devices from which the components came. "Jack," a piece by Brenda Guyton, is for sale for $995.

e-waste art image

But all are amazing. Check out a bunch more over at Greenopolis.
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