Acid Rain Can Be Fun! No, Really.

acid rain forest photo

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Ok, so maybe not acid rain itself. But learning about it can be fun. Acid rain was quite the buzz word in the early '90s, along with "ozone" and "reduce, recycle, reuse, and close the loop!" And while it doesn't get quite as much press anymore, the problem of acid rain hasn't disappeared. How much do you know about it? Test your knowledge with these cool games. Click through to check them out. Puzzels and quizzes, oh my! You know it's tough to resist a quick game. Especially when it's seeing how smart you are about a green topic.

acid rain quiz image

Quiz: Acid Rain Stumpers
How well do you know acid rain? Can you spot acid rain damage? Test yourself with this quiz.

acid rain puzzle

Puzzles: Acid Skies
Acid rain can eat away at plants and even stone buildings. Piece together these puzzles to learn more.

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