Acer Unveils New Aspires As Their Greenest Laptops

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Acer has launched two new notebooks, Acer Aspire 3811TZ and Aspire 3811TZG. They're part of the Timeline series, which touts a 40% energy efficiency improvement over traditional laptops, and these two notebooks are free of two toxic materials that many companies either have, or are working to eliminate from their laptop lineups as well. Greenpeace has given the thumbs up to the new laptop line, especially happy about the elimination of PVC and BFRs from the devices (but not the device chargers), something Greenpeace is especially adamant about, as HP well knows.

"The chemical characteristics of PVC and BFRs may generate toxic substances like dioxins and furans at products' end-of-life, therefore, the reduction of PVC and BFRs in Acer products will help protect our environment from being poisoned by electronics goods," Acer said.

The laptops take advantage of LED back-lit LCD screens and ultra-low-voltage processors in order to squeeze out every last possible minute of battery life, keeping you unplugged from the grid longer. They report the new laptops have an 8 hour battery life, but of course that depends on your settings (such as screen brightness), how many programs you're running and so forth. But the company states that these laptops, part of the Aspire Timeline series, are over 40% more efficient than traditional laptops

According to PC World, "Despite the effort in the new laptops, Acer is behind in its own environmental plan. The company in 2005 pledged to prohibit the use of PVC, BFRs and phthalates, chemicals used to soften PVC, in all products by 2009. The company is apparently behind schedule.

It's not all about battery life or eliminating toxic materials. It's also about designing for a very long life and be upgradable, and designing for end-of-life recyclability. These features are not highlighted on Acer's website. But to get a top EPEAT ranking, they're requirements, thankfully. We don't see these two notebooks listed in the EPEAT registry, so they may not have an EPEAT ranking yet, but likely, that's on its way since having a product competitive in the electronics market is increasingly about beating out competitor products in the green sector, including getting a top EPEAT ranking.

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