A Vision Of The Future of 3D Printing (Video)

A few weeks ago a National Geographic video about 3D printing a wrench went viral, and was picked up by The Dish; A commenter there noted that this was a) not such a big deal any more, and b) not yet very practical. However the commenter pointed to an absolutely wonderful video, below, that demonstrates the future of 3d printing.

FULL PRINTED from nueve ojos on Vimeo.

Of the first National Geographic video, the commenter noted:

What that viral video glosses over is the part where the man says "you can get strength by infusing this with a little extra resin", which actually means "Well... a three-year old could bite it in half right now, so please don't drop it until we've pressure-cooked it overnight in epoxy resin-- except for the moving parts, which we don't want to glue to each other.....But, the advances in material are happening quickly and we are likely to see something akin to "3D Kinko's" in the near future.


The Dish also points to XKCD's vision of the future of 3D printing.
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