A Product Service System: Peerflix


Over the past year Netflix, and more recently Blockbuster, have both become so popular that almost everyone you talk to is signed up for their services. However, a new company called Peerflix might give them a good run for their money. Launched by two friends in California, Peerflix has been around for about a year now but in the past few months alone their user number has grown to about 40,000. Billy McNair, co-founder of Peerflix, said that the company's research shows that 60% of the 4 billion discs sold over the past eight years were only watched twice. The difference between Peerflix and the other online services is this: Peerflix is a trading platform. Now we did have to read through this a few times but we've realized this is a great way to get rid of DVD's we longer watch but at the same time see the latest ones as well. Users make two lists, a "haves" list and a "wants" list. For 99 cents a trade users can swap discs with other users and either keep that disc or swap it again. Just like other online services Peerflix provides a mailing label and shipping envelopes, however, users do have to pay the postage. With DVD sales expected to hit $21 million in 2006 and up to $29 million by 2009, this is one product service system that we might have to consider "swapping" our current service for. Via ::Yahoo News ::Peerflix