A Picture is Worth... Solar Power in California

solar power in california

Image courtesy of Cooler Planet

The good people at Cooler Planet have come up with a neat way to visualize the progress solar energy has made in California over the past decade - a Google Maps mash-up with data provided by the California Energy Commission (lots of great stats to play around with). This particular map shows all of the solar installations installed in the state since 2002. Here's the inspiration for the project:

"Rather than reading over data and spreadsheets, we thought it would be interesting to create an interactive heat map that depicts the concentration of solar installations (number of systems, total watts, average system size, and carbon emissions) in California and the progress solar has made over the last decade. Feel free to scroll through the years to see how the numbers change from year to year."

Via ::The Gist: California Luvs Solar Power (blog)

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