A Masters Degree in Conservation Makes Your Green Cred Legit

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So, you want to test your green IQ? According to Rare, an environmental non-profit, the world's first Masters degree in Communication for Conservationists has been launched. It is in conjunction with University of Texas, El Paso, and will be set up in four schools across the world. Your requirement to graduate: change the world. No, seriously...you have to change the world in some way, and prove it in order to get your degree. Launching in four locations, including Georgetown University in the US, as well as Mexico, China and Indonesia, the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) accredited Master's Degree in Communication for Conservationists has a fun twist on a thesis requirement.

Students from areas of highest biodiversity around the world implement an entire social marketing campaign designed around a specific conservation goal, by mobilizing constituents in their communities. Rare's CEO, Brett Jenks, emphasizes that, "The Master's program participants do not graduate until they've made a measurable difference in the way people think about and practice conservation in their communities. Essentially, these students don't graduate until they change the world at least, their part of it."

Seriously, how cool is that.

Dr. Arvind Singhal, one of the world's foremost researchers and authors in the field of communication for social change, is leading the charge, saying that this new model aligns with how social change across the world should happen, closing a gap between our educations and our actions, and preparing stronger environmental leaders for our future. The program includes classroom training on everything from social marketing and messaging to threat analysis and planning so that graduates know all the ins and outs of successful conservation.

Interested? Check out their brochure.

And you thought you could start your summer vacation and leave school behind...

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