A "Digital" Photo Frame To End The Debate Over Electric or Old Fashioned

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Image via Think Geek

While 25% of broadband households will have a digital photo frame by the end of this year, the debate over newfangled photo frames is a hearty one. On the gadget geek side, a digital photo frame is worth the electronic effort, since it eliminates the need to print photos, can be used for classy advertising in offices, keeps people who get bored easily from having to stare at the same photo for too long... But on the other side of the debate, why does anyone really need another electronic when photo frames are cheap and abundant in closets, thrift stores, garage sales and so on. So here is a photo frame that tries to make friends among the two camps. Meet the image.jpeg photo frame. Touted as the "first ever analog "digital" photo frame," it appeals to gadget fans by having a Mac software window silk-screened onto it, and it appeals to traditionalists since it's a regular old photo frame. Kind of like the little toy cell phones for kids.

The higlights are obvious - "You don't have to worry about the LCD panel on this one; it's a piece of transparent glass. You don't have to register it, there are never any software updates required, and if the power goes out, it continues to function."

It holds a 4 3/4 inch by 3 3/4 inch photo, and will add a little geek flair to your desk for $25.

Via Engadget
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