90% of Coral Reefs Have Died Mysteriously Along Kuwait's Coast

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Officials in Kuwait have announced that a comprehensive survey of their territorial waters has revealed that about 90% of the corals there are dead or dying. The head of the Kuwait Diving Team, Walid Al-Fadhel, said in a statement: "this requires quick action by the competent authorities to find out the real causes, as well as solutions." He also called on frequent goers to these marine natural sites to refrain from any action that may inflict damage in the reefs or kill the creatures co-existing with them.coral reefs photo
Photo: Flickr, CC

The worrying thing is that we don't know what has caused this (global warming? pollutants in the water? a natural cycle?), so we're pretty far from knowing how to fix the problem, if that's even possible.

Coral reefs are extremely productive ecosystems, and their loss can have a domino effect on other ecosystems that are connected to it (either geographically close, or connected via migration routes).

The comprehensive survey, conducted by the team, included the major locations of coral reefs 50 miles along the shores and 70 km from the southern coast borders, with depths ranging from 1-13 meters.

The combing covered Um Al-Maradim, Kheiran, Ras Al-Zor, Garouh, Um Diera, Teyler, Kubbar and Oraifjan with the result of 90 percent of "bleaching" of the coral reef.

At the begining of noticing this phenomenon, he added, dead fish were found floating on the water surface, or laying between the corals, yet not anymore. (source)

Via Global Arab Network (English)
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