9 Top Green Tech Stories You Don't Want to Miss: Robots, Solar Power on the Moon, EVs Setting Records & More

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Last week was filled with great green technology news -- from robots that can climb trees like inchworms or scale glass like geckos, to an electric car that traveled over 779 miles in just 24 hours, to an engineer convinced towing icebergs can solve water shortages, to a Japanese company that wants to turn the moon into a giant solar power plant. Here are top stories you've got to check out!Could a Tugboat Pulling an Iceberg Solve the World's Water Problems? French Engineer Says "Yes!" (Video)
In perhaps one of the most unusual ideas for bringing fresh water to people in parched areas, French engineer Georges Mougin is convinced that pulling icebergs from Greenland across the oceans to drought-stricken areas is a possible, and practical, solution. Others, including this writer, might have reservations.

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Gecko-Inspired Robot Powered by Water, Scales Glass Surfaces (Video)
Geckos have been the inspiration for many biomimicry projects, from better glues to velcros. The way the critters are able to stick to surfaces is incredible, and researchers have worked to duplicate this on different levels. Now, researchers from Zhejiang University in China have created a robot powered by water that can scale glass surfaces, moving -- and sticking -- like a gecko.

9-Year-Old's Science Fair Project Saves City Thousands of Gallons of Water
Two years ago, when he was only seven, a gradeschooler discovered an all-too-common point of waste that had been overlooked by grown-ups there for ages. And, with just one surprisingly simple fix, Mason found a way that the city could conserve one of its most important natural resources.

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E-Waste Harms Human Health; New Research Details How
While we know e-waste is harmful to human health, particularly to those working directly with it in e-waste dumps, new research sheds light on exactly how it impacts us.

Virtual Fish Use Synthetic Fat to Soak Up Toxins from Oregon River
Oregon scientists are using a new method for detecting pollutants in the Hood River, even pollutants that occur at one part per quadrillion. They're calling the method "virtual fish" and the key ingredient is synthetic fish fat.

Japanese Company Eyes Building 6,800 Mile Solar Array On Moon, Constructed By Robots

A Japanese company figures the best thing to do is take advantage of the empty landscape of the moon to set up solar arrays and beam the energy back down to earth.

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Clever But Creepy Tree-Climbing Robot Mimics Inchworms (Video)
A new robot takes inchworms as inspiration for navigating its way up trees of any type, texture or diameter. And the Treebot really does look like an inchworm as it finds a new hold on a tree's surface. Check out a video of the robot scaling various trees.

Designers Repurpose Toyota Prius Technology In "Ideas for Good" Competition (Video) : TreeHugger
Earlier in the month, we pointed out the innovative ideas coming out of the Toyota Ideas for Good competition, including hacking a Prius into an energy-generating roller coaster car. Well, the winners for the competition have been announced and the creative ideas that repurpose Toyota technology are truly impressive. From better bike helmets to solar-powered ventilation for homes in developing countries, check out videos from each winning idea.

Dutch Team Drives Electric Nissan LEAF 779.19 Miles... in 24 Hours (Video)
A team of intrepid dutch men decided to see how far they could go with a Nissan LEAF electric car over 24 hours by using public fast-charging stations.

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