9 Countries Have Recorded Hottest-Ever Temps This Year


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As we've been reporting, 2010 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. So far, the globe has seen its hottest spring, hottest April, hottest June, hottest January-June, in addition to breaking other records. So this shouldn't be any surprise, really: 9 countries have recorded their hottest ever temperatures this year. And one reached a staggering 126 F. Here's the list, along with their record-smashing temps. Records and analysis from Jeff Masters at Weather Underground:

1. Kuwait
The heat was the most intense in Kuwait, which recorded its hottest temperature in history on June 15 in Abdaly, according to the Kuwait Met office. The mercury hit 52.6°C (126.7°F). Kuwait's previous all-time hottest temperature was 51.9°C (125.4°F), on July 27,2007, at Abdaly.

2. Iraq
Iraq had its hottest day in history on June 14, 2010, when the mercury hit 52.0°C (125.6°F) in Basra.

3. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia had its hottest temperature ever on June 22, 2010, with a reading of 52.0°C (125.6°F) in Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia ...The record heat was accompanied by a sandstorm, which caused eight power plants to go offline, resulting in blackouts to several Saudi cities.

4. Chad
In Africa, Chad had its hottest day in history on June 22, 2010, when the temperature reached 47.6°C (117.7°F) at Faya.

5. Niger
Niger tied its record for hottest day in history on June 22, 2010, when the temperature reached 47.1°C (116.8°F) at Bilma. That record stood for just one day, as Bilma broke the record again on June 23, when the mercury topped out at 48.2°C (118.8°F).

6. Sudan
Sudan recorded its hottest temperature in its history on June 25 when the mercury rose to 49.6°C (121.3°F) at Dongola.

7. Russia
A heat wave of unprecedented intensity has brought the world's largest country its hottest temperature in history. On July 11, the ongoing Russian heat wave sent the mercury to 44.0°C (111.2°F) in Yashkul, Kalmykia Republic, in the European portion of Russia near the Kazakhstan border.

8. Myanmar, 9. Pakistan
Two nations, Myanmar and Pakistan, set all-time hottest temperature marks in May, including Asia's hottest temperature ever, the astonishing 53.5°C (128.3°F) mark set on May 26 in Pakistan.

Needless to say, it's getting hot out there -- and the trend is of course slated to continue. Seems climate change is getting harder and harder to ignore . . .

See Climate Progress for further analysis.

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