8 Awesome Upcycled Products for Gadget Lovers

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Gadget lovers can sometimes feel a twinge of guilt when it comes to earth friendliness, since it can sometimes be tough to reconcile the big carbon footprint of gadgets with the low carbon lifestyle of a greenie. But more and more cool products are coming out for gadget lovers that use recycled materials. That means the geek and green sides of you can unite at last!

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Timeless USB Watch

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Photo via Design Brothers

This watch would definitely get people stopping to ask you where on earth you found it. It's the Timeless Watch by Design Brothers, and it's made from recycled computer parts. The strap is actually from a cable and USB connector. And that's not just to keep it on your wrist — it can also be used to plug into your PC for recharging. It's a prototype for now, but would be a pretty cool project for the DIY gadgeteer.

Samsung Blue Earth Phone

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Photos Via Pocket Lint

The latest phone from Samsung is pretty exciting. It's outer shell is made from recycled plastic water bottles. While there have been a few other phones doing the same thing, such as Motorola's Renew, we're extra jazzed about this phone because it also features a solar panel embedded in the back. Hopefully we'll start to see more cell phone manufacturers using components made from recycled materials, not just the case.

Milk Jug iPhone Case

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Photo via Superpixel

This might be a little to the right of geeky, on par with pocket protectors, but if you're wanting to have an iPhone case with a really low carbon footprint, try upcycling a milk jug! McGuyver's iPhone Holster comes with instructions on how to use a milk jug and a few brass brads to create a pretty durable holder for your iphone.

Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism video still photo
So this gadgets is a project for the die hard geek. Made of recycled metal plates and wood, this Antikythera Mechanism is a perfect replica of a 2,000-year-old calculator that tracked the moon, stars and planet's cycles. It shows the potential of what gadgets we can create sans the toxic materials.

Uber Easy iPod Speakers

diy paper cup speakers photo
Photo via Yanko Design

If you still drink out of paper to-go cups and feel bad when you throw them away, you can instead rinse them out and start a geeky project - making DIY iPod speakers. While all you have to do is punch a couple holes in some recycled cups, it has a lot of potential to be prettified with other recycled materials.

Recycled Rice Bag MP3 Case

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Photo via Urban Outfitters

This MP3 case is a pretty cool reuse of rice bags. You can spend $16 at Urban Outfitters, or you can bounce off this idea, muster up your sewing skills and raid your kitchen pantry or closets for materials to make your own. Either way, this cool case reminds us that we don't need to use new materials to make a pretty rockin' gadget accessory. Plus, the fact that you can get it at Urban Outfitters says this is considered pretty hip. So, sew away!

The Recycle USB Stick

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Photo via INF Import

Aptly named, the Recycle is a USB stick made from recycled newspaper. It's exterior is both a pro and a con — a good size and shape so that you don't lose it and ugly enough that it won't get stolen, but it might accidently get tossed in the trash. It can hold up to 16GB, though, so it shows off that greener gadgets can be very handy. It also isn't alone. There are quite a few USB sticks made from recycled materials nowadays.

Solar Gadget Bag

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Photo via Coolest Gadgets

The gadget lover needs a way to charge up their gear, and solar powered bags abound. But not so many are made of recycled materials. That's why these bags stand out from the crowd. The Sakku bag line once used old sails for the bags, but must have run out because the new line, called "Buddy" now uses recycled sun umbrellas and shades. Kinda cool that they use sun shade material to make sun powered bags. They come in two styles — a direct charge or with a rechargeable battery, and are priced relatively reasonably, though they're only available in the UK for now.

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