7 Concept Gadgets We Want to See Brought to Market

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We talk about concept gadgets quite a bit on TreeHugger, from energy-saving ideas to renewable energy generators, to sustainably-made gadgets. We scoured through the concepts out there today, and chose seven that we would love to see brought to market. Check out some of the ideas we think hold a lot of potential.

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Image via Core77
RITI Printer: Eco-Friendly Printer
This cool printer idea was a finalist in the Greener Gadgets design competition. The printer would use your old coffee or tea grinds as ink. The user simply puts their scraps into the case, and voila - an ink source. The only issue is that the user needs to move the ink case back and forth in order to print...not something people are likely to want to do.

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Image via Ecofriend
FlipLite Solar Lamp
The FlipLite is a pretty stylish way of getting solar powered light into your home. It soaks up ambient light during the day, and at night you can flip it over to have it act as a lamp. It only lights up brightly when flipped on its back - you can keep it right side up to have the light turned off. It's modern, sleek, and solar powered - what more could you ask for in a cool lighting idea?

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Image via Core77
FlowerPod Energy Monitor
This simple idea was a concept submitted to last year's Greener Gadgets competition. It is an innovative way to display how much energy your home is consuming. When The FlowerPod is connected to the home energy consumption dashboard, a small green sprout appears. When energy usage is low, the flower blossoms. And when energy usage is higher than it should be, the flower will slowly wither. It's an easy-to read monitor that lets you know when you need to shut off a few more electronics.

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