6 Clean Tech Start-Ups to Watch in 2009

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2008 was a banner year for green tech start ups. While the economy crashed, investments in clean technology stayed relatively strong. We're taking a look at the top techy start-ups to follow as the new year begins.

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OptiSolar: Planning one of the largest PV solar projects in the world, this start-up is one to follow in the upcoming year. We’ve seen OptiSolar do a few noteworthy things, and they’re likely to make more big moves, especially as solar power increases in efficiency and ranking as an alternative energy source.

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Sungevity: This start-up is helping to bring solar to the masses by making research and quotes a little easier for consumers. Sungevity sells solar panels via an online platform that can look at the consumer’s rooftop and make quotes. The company was a finalist in a Web 2.0 competition.

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Oree: Working on cutting edge technology in the LED lighting industry, Oree is developing flexible, credit-card sized LED lights. They’ve already raised $7 million in series A fundraising, and have caught the attention of major venture capitalists. With all eyes on LEDs as the next generation of lighting, we think this is one company to keep a floodlight on.

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EnergyHub: This company creates slick hardware, software and networks for smart grid systems, with a specialty in user-friendly dashboards for homeowners. They’re set to start selling their gear in mid-2009, and emphasize making dashboards so cool, they're source of pride for homeowners – a different angle than many other utility-focused smart grid startups. They’ll be testing their gear soon in a 50-home pilot project, and we're excited to see how sales go.

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Silver Spring Networks: With Kleiner Perkins backing this company up, and with a big push all around for a smart grid to get going, Silver Spring has a shot to be one of the major leaders in the smart grid industry. The company creates the networks that allow utilities to integrate with emerging smart meter products and software. It is providing services that will help us all more easily transition to a national smart grid, and is definitely on the radar as a company to watch.

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Carbonflow: Busting into the emerging carbon market, Carbonflow hopes to bring transparency to carbon trading with their software system. Utilizing the software, carbon market participants can track and verify carbon emissions and reduction projects. The company has started to receive significant funding, and is one to keep in sight as the carbon market starts to shake out.

Another tool to track start-ups that is handy comes from Earth2Tech. They’ve developed a Google map to mark start-ups as they appear. Use this map to find other start-ups you’re interested in keeping on your radar.

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