50 Ways to Recycle Your Cell Phone


Photo credit: wasaby

TreeHugger has seen lots of ways to recycled your old cell phones, including ways to get some cash for your old phone and an option from TerraPass. With the average lifespan of a cell phone in this country at about 18 months (which adds up to 130 million entering the waste stream every year), there is certainly no shortage of supply for the old talkies; the guys at VoIP-News have done some digging and found 50 ways to recycle them all.

From earning cash back to helping others; perfect working condition to scrap parts only; drop it off or mail it in; manufacturer take-back to NGOs, there is a match in the list of 50 for whatever cell phone situation you find yourself in. While a lot of the options may be familiar to the conscientious electronics recycler, it's handy to have them all in one place. Find the right match for your drawerful at ::VoIP-News

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