45 minutes, wide-ranging interview with Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal (video)

Elon Musk and Kimbal Musk interview
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Elon Musk needs no introduction by now. Most of you probably know him because of his involvement with electric cars at Tesla Motors, solar power at SolarCity, and space rockets at SpaceX. But he's done many other interesting things before that, starting from a very young age in South Africa, and he's been sharing insights about all kinds of other things that are unrelated to his companies. In this wide-ranging interview conducted by Jeff Skoll (now mostly spending his time as a philanthropist with his Skoll Foundation, and at the the independent movie production company Participant Media), Elon and his brother Kimbal touch on all kinds of topics (Kimbal is now more involved in the food world).

If you have 45 minutes and are interested in Musk's projects, definitely check it out:

If you want more Elon, check out the links on the left of this article. I've probably seens 10s of hours of his interviews by now, and I always find them interesting. The way he thinks about solving problems - hard problems that matter - is quite inspiring.

Here's some bonus, Elon in full Tony Stark mode:

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