3D Portraits of Celebrities Created With Their Own Garbage

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Images via Jason Mercer via 1800recycling

This art piece featuring Conan O'Brien is made with remote controls, electronic boards, cellphones and cables, among other pieces of garbage. And it is just one of a huge collection of incredibly realistic, detailed portraits made by Jason Mecier, an artist who puts a lot of stock into the potential of stuff that seems to have reached the end of its useful life. Check out some of his impressive work after the jump.

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Gizmodo points us to Jason Mecier, an artist based in San Francisco who has been at his craft for about 15 years. According to 1800Recycling, Mecier gathers his materials from friends, family, fans, and even his subjects themselves. Many of his subjects will send him a pile of things they want incorporated into the images of themselves -- from old keepsakes to junk drawer items to flat out trash -- pushing the representation into something not just cool and practical, but also incredibly personal.

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There's a subtle irony of seeing the faces of celebrities emerge from bits and pieces of the electronics on which we watch their shows, listen to their songs, and scan photos of them.

But it's not all electronics. His portraits are made up of materials that embody what that celebrity represents or is pushing, so for instance, one portrait of Donald Trump uses money and "bling" to create the likeness.

1800Recycling states, "Mecier's mission is to capture the public image of his subjects and in a sense, his portraits are literally constructed from the recycled detritus of the lives of the celebrities he portrays. The use of donated items transforms the process into a two-way work of communication in which the image is implicitly permitted, encouraged and nurtured by its subject."

Using trash to create treasure is an artistic method we greatly appreciate, and it takes quite a bit of skill to build something so recognizable as these portraits.

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