2009 Finalists for Climate Change Solution Green Challenge

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2008 Winners Ecovative Photo

2008 Winners Ecovative and their mushroom based alternative to styrofoam packing materials. Image via: Green Challenge

For €500,000 could you come up with a solution to climate change? What if you didn't have to solve the global problem, but just had to come up with a solution that works and could get off the ground in the next year or two and just makes some current human activity more efficient or solves one aspect of climate change? Apparently 313 people from around the world think they can and entered this year's Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. The judges have narrowed down to the top 6 ideas. Find out which solutions made the cut after the jump.The last 6 people standing include 3 Brits, one entrant from the Netherlands, one from Belgium and one from the United States. Many of their solutions look at local problems and try to find ways to make them not just more efficient but also to reduce related emissions. And the finalists include: One project aims to bring biogas to the developing world and revolutionize energy production. A second project by American Robin Chase attempts to bring flexibility to the current and future stock of rolling cars, trucks, buses and transit vehicles. A third project wants to produce low-cost rooftop wind turbines for low-wind environments. Cow farts inevitably showed up in the competition through a new feedstock that attempts to rid or reduce ruminants of their rumblings. A fifth option connects purchasers with transport companies to increase efficiency of shipments. And last but not least, is a new truck trailer that not only reduces emissions but also produces less noise and improves traffic safety.

It's too bad they can't all win because these are all great solutions but at least the top 3 will get money. The grand prize of €500,000 goes to the top winner, and the next two "runner-ups" each receive €100,000. September 24, 2009, the 6 entrants have one last chance to present their project to the judges. The winner will be chosen and presented at the awards dinner the following night. :Green Challenge
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