2008 TED Prize: And The Winners Are...


Congratulations are in order for cosmologist Neil Turok, writer Dave Eggers, and religious historian Karen Armstrong, the winners of the 2008 TED Prize. The award, whose past recipients have included Bill Clinton in 2007 and Cameron Sinclair in 2006 (when Al Gore gave a pretty interesting presentation), goes to "anyone with world-changing potential: inventors or entrepreneurs, designers or artists, visionaries or mavericks, story-tellers or persuaders. But they must be people who the judges believe have the ability to inspire others to do something great for the world."

Although the winners receive a prize of $100,000 each, the real prize is that they are each granted a wish -- "A wish to change the world" -- and previous wishes have gone to help found the Google Foundation and further the work of Architecture for Humanity. What will the winners wish for this year? Head to TED2008, in California, on February 28, 2008, to witness it live, or stay tuned for their presentations to be released online to the world shortly afterward. ::TEDBlog via ::Core77

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