200 of the World's Dirtiest Power Plants Revealed - 60% are in the US & East Asia

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Full map here: Interactive: The World's Dirtiest Power Plants

It's interactive map time! Forbes.com has a really cool map showing 200 of the dirtiest power plants in the world (hat tip to Earth First...) that's worth checking out. Scroll down for some highlights:

taichung power plant photo

Taichung power plant, photo H.T. Yu via flickr.

The power plant with the highest emissions in the world is the Taichung power plant in Taiwan, which spews out 40 millions tons of carbon annually on its way to producing 39 million megawatt-hours of electricity.

taichung power plant map image

As Forbes points out, 71 of the 200 dirtiest power plants in the world are in China, Taiwan, S. Korea and Japan.

belchatow power plant photo

Belchatow power plant, photo: ian via flickr.
In Europe the most-dirty prize goes to the Belchatow power plant in Lodz, Poland. Producing 33 million megawatt-hours of electricity and emitting 35 million tons of carbon in the process. And you wonder why Poland drags its feet on climate legislation?

belchatow power plant map image


Scherer power plant photo: Wikipedia

The United States alone has about one-quarter of the world's top 200 dirtiest power plants. Topping the list is the Scherer power plant in Juliette, Georgia: 27 million tons of carbon for 27 million MWh of electricity.

scherer power plant map image

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