100% Wind and Solar Powered Billboards Come to London, New York & Sydney


Image via YouTube screengrab.

This week, office solutions company Ricoh unveiled what it is calling the "eco-board" - a billboard powered entirely by solar and wind power in London. Situated on the M4 motorway, the billboard is equipped with 96 solar panels and five wind turbines, and it only lights up when it has produced enough energy to do so. It's not the first of its kind, though- Ricoh has already installed similar billboards in New York and Sydney.Ricoh, a Japanese company, prides itself on being a green leader. A few years ago, it introduced plant-based plastic printers. In a press release, Ricoh Europe Chairman and CEO Steve Saito said:

At Ricoh, we have been committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint for decades, already achieving zero waste to landfill at European factories back in 2001. We are also focused on encouraging other businesses to adopt sustainable business models that can better our cities, countries and our planet whilst improving productivity and profits.

Check out Ricoh's promotional video:

Of course, three solar and wind powered billboards are not going to make much of an impact on the world's energy bill. But imagine if every billboard in Times Square was powered this way- you'd start seeing results. Then you could start talking about making all billboard advertising this sustainable.

And what do the billboards themselves advertise? Why, Ricoh's wind and solar powered billboards, of course.

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