100+ Solar-Powered Ericsson Cell Phone Base Stations Coming to Africa

solar powered cell phone base station photo

photo: Ericsson

The idea of using renewable energy to power cell phone base stations in rural areas is nothing new. The latest variation on this comes from Ericsson and Orange Guinea Conakry which plan to deploy more than 100 solar-powered base stations:Orange Guinea Conakry will build the base stations base on Ericsson's BTS 2111 model. These will contain no active moving parts, like cooling fans, thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 50%. During the day each base station will be fulling powered by solar panels, with battery support at night.

Orange's new base stations will feature another twist: Each will replace one diesel generator with a bank of hybrid diesel-batteries designed by Ericcson to handle a large amount of charging and discharging. If calibrated to meet the batteries' optimal charging and discharging levels, this power solution can cut energy-related costs by another 50%, Ericsson says.

This initiative is part of Orange's goal of having more than 1000 solar-powered base stations set up throughout Africa by the end of 2009.

via: Sustainable Life Media
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