100+ Quick Rebuttals to Common Anti-Climate Change Arguments


Climate change is (obviously) a subject that's greeted with heaps of controversy just about whenever the topic is broached. Unlike most phenomena that a vast majority of scientists have agreed is occurring after years and years of meticulous study, climate change is apt to cause a ruckus (or at least some grumblings) when brought up in any kind of social forum. You, the informed TreeHugger reader, are most likely aware that global warming is real, caused by man, and will cause a number of serious problems if left unaddressed. But those who you encounter may not be -- in fact, you probably face challenges to your science-backed understanding of climate change from time to time. Wouldn't it be nice, then, if there was a comprehensive index of one-line responses to common arguments that global warming isn't real? Glad you asked -- here are over 100 sentence-long rebuttals that do exactly that.This wonderful, exhaustive list was compiled by the physicist John Cook, who runs the climate website Skeptical Science. He's also behind the somewhat controversial (but certainly well-intentioned) iPhone app which also has the aim of rebutting common arguments employed against climate change.

Also, it's worth noting that this list is intended only as a reference point, and is by no means an end-all, definitive document. Ideally, you should understand the science behind these one-liners if you hope to truly explain to a skeptic the error in a particular argument. But it's certainly a good place to start, and each of these is backed by the findings of the latest peer-reviewed science. Here's the beginning of the list:



The full list, along with links to the science justifying each of the rebuttals, can be found at Skeptical Science.

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