10 Techy Green Twitterers to Follow

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Thanks to some inspiration from Mother Nature Network and the roundup of 10 green Twitterers to follow that Shea Gunther pulled together, TreeHugger is starting to round up its favorite Twitterers for each of the various green categories. We're starting with green tech (only because I have a soft spot for it...). Check out who you will want to follow to stay up on all the latest green tech news. @TomRaftery
Green Tech Analyst at RedMonk, speaker, blogger and podcaster. If you like staying on top of interestng green tech news, and even TV shows on green tech via GreenMonk.net, you'll want to follow Raftery.

Hank Green heads up EcoGeek.org, where you can stay optimistic about the fate of the world because, as the homepage says, "We're in a bit of an eco-mess, but we've got the brains to lick any problem."

ScottEdward Anderson keeps twitterers up to date on cleantech news and trends, following economic and investment information in cleantech as well.

Martin La Monica, reporter at CNET News.com tweets about all the latest happenings in green technology. It's some solid, dependable newsy information.

Like a vitamin, you get good once-a-day tweets on cleantech, green tech, alternative energy, water issues and a whole lot more from Planet Relations.

Following these tweets is like having a scrolling news reel. Several tweets a day giving you the scoop in green tech.

Perfect for the green super geeks, eIT tweets on computer networking, security, storage, and green IT for technology professionals.

Covering cleantech as well as renewable energy issues, NewEnergyWorld stays abreast of the lates news and tweets it out for all to see.

What green geek doesn't enjoy a good episode of NPR's Science Friday? Often covering green technology and science issues, SciFri is a great twitter to follow for fun facts and in depth news.

Taylor Ansley is the "geek of green" and tweets on ech, public policy, and social change with a sense of humor.

If you, someone you know, or someone you follow focuses on green tech and you think they should be listed, add 'em in the comments!

Be sure to follow @TreeHugger, @TH_RSS and me, @JaymiHeimbuch for more green goodies.

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