The Citrus Spray by Lékué Lets You Spray Juice Directly From the Fruit (Video)

Lékué Citrus Spray
via. Lékué


Lemons deserve a lots of praise for their many uses. They serve as a cleaning product, flu fighting medicine and cooking ingredient, all without harming the environment. I personally use lemon juice for all of those things quite often, and therefore find Citrus Spray quite a useful object, even if it looks quite gimmicky at first.

Lékué Citrus Spray

Lékué/viaYou screw the spray top directly into the fruit et voilà! This atomizer turns any citrus fruit into natural spray bottles for an easy use and without them losing their vitamins. That way you can always have your lemon juice handy, weather it is for making cocktails or as weed killer.

Citrus Spray was designed by studio Joan Rojeski (known for their handmade eco-designs) and Alberto Arza for the Spanish cookware brand Lékué. It comes in two sizes; the big one for lemon, grapefruit and oranges and the smaller one for limes and mandarins. Citrus Spray is dishwasher safe and available for 15€ via Lékué.