Citi Tops 100 LEED Certified Buildings

Citi is keeping up the green Joneses. (Photo: Mike Mozart [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Citi is the proud owner of 114 LEED certified branches operating in 34 states. Despite the recent difficulty that the company has experienced due to the world economy, their commitment to the environment has persisted.

"Through our sustainability efforts, we get the double benefit of helping the environment while reducing our corporate expenses," said Susan Chapman, Citi's Corporate Real Estate Head for Global Operations. "Our goal is to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions by 10% from 2005 levels by 2011, and our participation in the USGBC Portfolio Program is helping us get there." Source: USGBC

Citi branches feature many eco-friendly features including low flow plumbing, recycled materials for furniture and flooring, and a keen attention to indoor air quality.

The company’s LEED certified buildings go beyond the United States. Recently, a Citi data center in Frankfurt, Germany was awarded LEED Platinum certification.