Christopher Nolan Planted a 500-Acre Cornfield for 'Interstellar'

Nolan decided against computer graphics to generate a 500-acre cornfield outside of Calgary. (Photo: "Interstellar"/Paramount Pictures).

While Christopher Nolan had to rely upon CGI for "Interstellar"'s space scenes, the 44-year-old was adamant not to do the same here on earth. In order to realistically portray the farm featured in the film, Nolan had production designer Nathan Crowley plant 500-acres of corn, drawing inspiration from another director's recent success with the crop.

"Luckily, [director] Zack [Snyder] had grown a bunch of corn, so I said, 'How much can you really grow practically?'" he told The Hollywood Reporter. "And they had done a couple hundred acres [for "Man of Steel"], so we looked into it; we found that where we wanted to build our farmhouse really close to the mountains [outside] Calgary. In the end, we got a pretty good crop, and we actually made money on this."

That end also included what described as a "manufactured apocalypse," adding in their exclusive on the film how much of the acreage was burned to realistically portray a dying earth.

“You had wind turbines chucking dust made out of cardboard, you had smoke from the fires from the burning corn; the future is not pretty,” shared actress Jessica Chastain.

Added Nolan: "It looked like the Ken Burns film about the Dust Bowl that he did for PBS, which was really a remarkable piece of work. We really had to scale back from the reality of what those things were actually like in the Dust Bowl because you look at the photographs, and it actually seems too crazy. I was always fascinated with the idea of presenting what seems like a science fiction doomsday scenario on this sort of big scale that's actually less than [what] really happened in America."

Check out the latest trailer for "Interstellar" below. The film opens November 7.