13 Cheery Christmas Photos of Cats and Dogs

Boxer licks a cat wearing a santa hat
This boxer pup lets his holiday love shine through.

Amanda Kae's Photoz / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It's hard enough to pose the human members of the family for a holiday photo. When you want to get the four-legged members to sit still and play nice for a snapshot, who knows what you'll get? Some dogs and cats are incredibly photogenic and don't mind wearing Santa hats and tinsel; others let their disdain shine through.

Like the boxer puppy above who shows his affection for his feline friend during the photo shoot, while the kitty is just wondering why she got stuck wearing the red cap.

Here are a few gorgeous, and in some cases comedic, examples of holiday greetings featuring our furry BFFs.

cat gazing at dog Christmas photo
Both pets look very handsome in their festive gear. pas294/Reddit

Is the cat gazing adoringly at her canine pal or secretly laughing at his hat? For his part, the stoic dog seems resigned to his Santa fate, but looks very regal wearing his red cap.

Christmas card featuring three dogs and one cat
This Christmas card was already good; it moved up to perfect when the cat deigned to be part of the shot. donotmatthews/Reddit

Reddit user donotmatthews says the annual pet Christmas card was 100 percent luck this year. All three dogs were sitting pretty in front of the tree when Spenny the cat wandered over, sat down and looked at the camera.

The results were perfect.

"Apollo (The Dane) will stand there like a statue for days on end if I asked him to," donotmatthews explains. "The little white one is deaf and has a touch of water on the brain. His name is Cooper and he will sit as long as you point at him. Fry, he will sit 2 seconds tops, he will do it multiple times, but 2 seconds at a time. Spenny is a beautiful free spirit we will never attempt to tame."

Cat under the Christmas tree
Just hanging out under the tree. derekzimm/Reddit

Some holiday cards are just gorgeous, like this one where Charlie poses like a boss under the tree.

As Reddit user NitroNinjaOrnas commented, "For some reason it looks like a poster for a Christmas movie starring a cat."

dog wearing a Santa hat
The cutest Santa. J0llyR0ger/Reddit

Santa doesn't want his hat back, because it looks so much cuter on this pup.

dogs dressed up for holiday photo
They aren't happy. TangerineHippo/imgur

While you may be giddy over the annual festive photography, chances are your pets aren't as thrilled with the prospect of posing.

christmas pug and friend
A pug and a Lab are holiday buddies. sej0058/Reddit

When the poses are too great, you can't choose just one. The smiles are big ... well, in one, the pug looks a bit grumpy.

family holiday card with a cat and a dinosaur
The cat could take that dinosaur. gynasaurus/Reddit

This family does a funny Christmas card each year. Sure, there are people in it, but the cat's expression makes it.

Service K9 Balto has quite a following on Instagram. This photogenic German shepherd is taking time at the holidays to ask Santa to help him ditch his feline companion.

dog in wrapping paper
A puppy burrito?. Lindsay21636/Reddit

Proving that pets truly are a gift, Roxie waits patiently while her owners take the annual holiday photo.

12 dogs pose in front of a Christmas tree
Yep, a dozen dogs pose and no one blinked. fibrofightinggirl09/Reddit

You have a hard time getting one dog or cat to sit still for a photo? Then get a load of this: A dozen dogs from Sophie's Pack Leaders, a therapy group in California, sat mostly still for this holiday effort. The poster girl, Sophie, is second from the left.

Also in the group, from left to right, are MacKenzie, a pit mix and a senior in the program. The Great Dane is Big Red and the lounging Rottweiler, Lexi, is still a puppy and "a happy spaz." The fluffy white Sully is blind, says his owner, Reddit user fibrofightinggirl09, who posted the photo.

"Even though he's blind, he knows when it's time to pose! He would also rather lay in someone's lap more than anything in the world. Ginger is the little one with the hat. She's the most laid-back princess you'll ever meet."

cat with gold ornament
Moments away from batting the ornament under the couch. Rustychipmunk/Reddit

When the cat's not in the tree, she's playing with the ornaments. At least it makes for a lovely holiday photo.

dog on front porch in the snow
Snow. Dog. Red door. Perfect. OhSoScrandy/Reddit

Sometimes it only takes one quick snap for a gorgeous photo. In the next second, this dog was likely bounding off the porch, chasing a squirrel.