China Has Erupted in Cherry Blossoms

Screen capture. National Geographic

There is no stopping spring in China, where the landscape is bursting with cherry and apricot blossoms, rapeseed blooms, and vibrant azalea.

Here in the eastern parts of the United States, some of us are watching cherry blossom reports with an anticipatory cringe of doom as a parade of late northeasters keeps dumping miserable weather on the trees. With tender nascent buds that may not appreciate springtime blizzards, we are hoping that our flowering trees will actually flower!

But in China, mission accomplished. Aerial footage is showing the nation awash in a riot of color. From the vast carpets of pink cherry blossoms in the Guizhou Province to the patterns of happy rapeseed flowers in Anshun City to Shanxi Province's blushing apricot blossoms and more, spring has definitely sprung.

Get a glimpse in the National Geographic video below ... and in the meantime, you can find me anxiously whispering words of encouragement to our stalwart east coast bloomers.