5 Child Phenoms Who Will Rule the World of Sports

These kids have some impressive sports skills. (Photo: Andrey Yurlov/Shutterstock)

If you've ever wondered what raw, prodigious talent looks like, the following kids are going to take you to school. From mad dribbling skills to sinking an impossible 8 ball, the next generation of sports heroes are already blowing us away online.

6-year-old dribbling phenom

Think you're pretty good at dribbling a basketball? How about two at once? For this 6-year-old, dribbling isn't just part of the game, it's a bonafide art form. WNBA take notice: your future point guard has arrived.

5-year-old pool prodigy

Keith O'Dell isn't just good at pool, he's dominating. The 5-year-old has seemingly mastered the geometry and physics of the game at an extremely young age. But don't worry pool sharks: Keith's parents don't plan on turning their son loose on the professional scene until he's at least 8 or 9.

11-year-old skateboarder extraordinaire

I can barely balance on a skateboard. When he was only 4 years old, Schaeffer McLean was already taking one up and down half-pipes.

10-year-old mountain biking star

Jackson Goldstone is so good at mountain biking, it's difficult for his family to keep pace with him out on the trails. Under the guidance of pros more than twice his age, he's now tackling "megaramps" like the above with ease.

8-year-old boxing prodigy

At only 8 years old, Russian boxer Evnika Saadvakass is already someone who you don't want to face in the ring. Thanks to her father, a professional boxer himself, Evnika not only knows combos and defensive moves, but can also land an astounding 100 punches per minute.