ChargePoint Pledges 2.5 Million EV Charging Spots by 2025

©. Chargepoint

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a strange kind of infrastructure. While most of us EV owners charge at home most of the time—meaning we rarely need to use a public station—their presence serves as both a comfort, a convenience, and from time to time a lifesaver when planning longer (some would say stupid) journeys. (I've certainly found that the proliferation of charging spots has greatly increased my comfort zone as to where I will drive in a day.)

So it's good news indeed that Chargepoint has just pledged a truly massive expansion of its global network of electric vehicle charging stations—promising an impressive 2.5 million charging spots by 2025 as part of its pledge to the Global Climate Action Summit. (To put the size of the pledge in perspective, the company's website boasts about 41,000 charging spots globally right now.) In fact, ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano explained that this will be "the most significant period of growth" in the company's history.

Crucially, the company will be partnering with employers and retailers like Target to get this massive infrastructure expansion built out where it's most likely to be used. After all, studies have shown that access to charging at work makes employees significantly more likely to go electric with their next vehicle purchase.