Charge Your Phone With a Bike Between Flights at Amsterdam Airport

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©. C. Lepisto

Traveling isn't what it used to be, with folks all dressed in their Sunday best while venturing away from home. But even so, you might not expect a row of exercycles in an airport to provide a popular recreation, risking a mild sweat without an opportunity to shower or change clothes.

So what is going on at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, where people are lined up on bicycles, pedaling away?

It's a bike-powered phone charging station! Apparently the opportunity to stretch one's legs between flights grows in popularity when paired with the curiosity of creating power for our omnipresent electronic devices.

Each bike consists of a comfortable seat a bit reminiscent of the "banana seats" popular when I was a girl. Reports indicate that thirty minutes of cycling can charge a typical cell phone.

The bike charging stations are sold under the name WeBike by a pair of entrepreneurial mothers who run the company WeWatt.

bicycle for phone charging at amsterdam airport

© C. Lepisto

So is it the search for a green halo to purge the guilt from flying's eco-footprint or a fascination with alternative energy that fills all available seats at the bike charging station in Schiphol airport? Either way, the popularity of these bike charging stations in an airport with plenty of old-style lazy outlets suggests that the concept sparks a desire to participate.

With the rising popularity of treadmill desks in the wake of the standing-desk trend, can cycle cubicles be far behind? Let us know what you think in the comments: would you like a cycle-powered work station?