Celtic Complexion Makes Pure, Luxurious Skin Care Products

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Treat your skin with these highly concentrated, hand-blended formulas that smell divine, feel fabulous, and work effectively.

Ever since she was in her twenties, Jennifer Devlin Waller suffered from rosacea. This condition makes one’s facial blood vessels enlarge, giving a flushed appearance across the cheeks and nose, and most commonly affects people of English, Scottish, and Irish heritage. Devlin Waller hated it; she began working as a professional makeup artist in order to learn how to hide her rosacea, but the problem did not go away.

Eventually Devlin Waller encountered a holistic esthetician who told her it was possible to cure her skin. The flare-ups were reduced by 90 percent, without the use of chemicals or drugs, and Devlin Waller was amazed: “Her advice went against everything I was taught but I couldn’t deny the results.”

From that point on, Devlin Waller found a new calling – to learn everything she could about alternative therapies, nutrition, and aromatherapy. Her studies culminated in the creation of her own all-natural skin care line, called Celtic Complexion. Hers is a unique product line, aimed at (but not restricted to) clients with Celtic heritage who may suffer from rosacea, dryness, or sensitivity – conditions that are not usually relieved by conventional skin care products.

Jennifer Devlin Waller

© Jennifer Devlin Waller, founder of Celtic Complexion, shows off freshly planted pink begonias.

Celtic Complexion’s products range from cleansers, exfoliants, creams, and moisturizing oils to sunscreen, eye elixir serums, and some cosmetics. In a production facility in Raleigh, North Carolina, formulations are hand-blended in micro-batches to ensure freshness and optimal results. All of the skin care products are synthetic chemical-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and verified as 'safe' by the Environmental Working Group. (In fact, the sunscreen is rated as excellent by the EWG.) They are made with ingredients that are listed on the website, along with numerous peer-reviewed journal references supporting their efficacy. Every product contains a complete and transparent ingredient list. The result is products that come with rave reviews from a wide range of clients, including professional makeup artists.

Says Devlin Waller:

“Could you make the products with lower quality ingredients that from the outside seem to be the same: Yes. Do you want to: No, that's not what this company is about. This is about small batch, fresh, high quality ingredients.”

I’ve used several Celtic Complexion products over the past several months and continue to be impressed on a daily basis. My absolute favorite is the Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum. With just a few drops, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished, with a subtle yet heavenly scent of sandalwood that stays for hours. The Celtic Complexion Creme is effective at battling late-winter dryness (something I often experience as a natural redhead). The Coconut Creme Cleanser cleans and removes makeup without making my skin dry, and the Gentle Creme Exfoliant with its jojoba beads leaves my face feeling wonderfully smooth.

youth infusion serum by Celtic Complexion

© Celtic Complexion -- My favorite product in the entire line!

Celtic Complexion products are not cheap, but, as Devlin Waller explains in an interview, most of the commercial cosmetics and skin care brands use ingredients like coal tar derivatives, synthetic parabens, and water because they’re cheap. If you pay $100 for a seemingly high-end moisturizer, it could contain 80 percent water, plus chemical fragrances and preservatives, which works out to a pretty crummy deal. By contrast, if you don’t put water in a product, it is more highly concentrated:

“So a 2-ounce jar of my cream, rather than lasting 6 to 8 weeks, which is a typical run for a jar of cream, lasts sometimes 4 or 5 months, depending on how judicious you are with the application. Price is what you pay; value is what you get,” Devlin Waller explains.

You can order Celtic Complexion products online, either individually or in kits. The company guarantees satisfaction or you get a full refund within 90 days -- but I really don't think you'll be disappointed!