Celebrate the Eclipse With Moon Music

CC BY 2.0. Public Domain

While the sun may be stealing the show, the solar eclipse would be nothing without Earth's own heavenly satellite.

Whether you're going full-on eclipse crazy or just thinking about taking a glance outside when the magic happens, it remains a wonderful excuse to celebrate the moon. Stars are great and everything – and yes, our star, the sun, is numero uno when it comes to supporting life on Earth. But there is something undeniably romantic about the moon. It's like a giant pearl floating in the sky, luminously bouncing sunlight back to Earth, flooding dark nights with moonbeams and giving wolves something to howl about. And also, lest we forget, acting as muse to lovers, poets, and musicians throughout time.

So for this solar eclipse why not also give a shout-out to la lune with some moon-inspired music? The following were selected for NASA by Dr. Steven Williams of the National Air and Space Museum.

Moon music