This Cat's Selfie Game Is on Point

Manny the selfie cat. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny is a talented feline who has a natural gift for self-portraits. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)

Say hello to Manny — a precocious feline who has mastered the fine art of the selfie and is stealing hearts across the Internet.

It was only a matter of time, really. Given the Web's love affair with cats and humanity's penchant for selfies, the introduction of cat selfies was the only logical conclusion.

Manny's human, an Instagram user who goes by the handle @yoremahm, regularly documents the outdoor adventures of the talented cat and his fellow furry friends.

So how does a critter without opposable thumbs manage to take his own selfies? Well, the curious tabby happens to be extremely fascinated with his human's GoPro camera, and whenever he spots it, he reaches out his paw to investigate the lens just as @yoremahm hits the shutter.

So, sure, he isn't technically taking his own selfies, but that doesn't make these images any less charming or hilarious. Continue below to see more of Manny's giggle-inducing cat selfies!

Manny shoots a selfie in a snow tunnel. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny takes a group selfie with his rottie brethren. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny channels his inner Zoolander with his signature "Fur Steel" look. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
A fluffy ragdoll kitty photobombs one of Manny's selfies. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny snaps an obligatory sunbathing selfie, hot dog legs not included. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny, the millionaire selfie cat?!. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Sunset selfies are a must. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Manny and his gang pose for a group selfie. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)
Rottweiler photobomb!. (Photo: @yoremahm/Instagram)