'Cats in Food' Is Our New Favorite Instagram Distraction

cats photoshopped into various food items
A collection of digital art from the 'Cats in Food' Instagram page.

Cats in Food / Instagram

If your cat is a color or shape that just so reminds you of a certain type of food or beverage, you might want to reach out to Russian artist Ksenia Zmanovskaya—the creator of Cats in Food.

Since January 2018, the cat-obsessed digital artist has been photoshopping felines into colorful meals and posting the hilarious images to Instagram. Many are custom creations for followers eager to have their own kitties merged into blueberry pies, sushi or freshly-baked croissants.

Ksenia recently had a first exhibition of her cat-themed digital art at a cat cafe in St. Petersburg — how apropos. From cupcakes to avocados, Ksenia has morphed cats—and even a dog on occasion—into humorous creations.