'Catloaf' Is Everything That's Right With the Internet

Lou Lou P's adorable catloaf is a delight to cat-lovers and bakers everywhere. (Photo: Lou Lou P's Delights)

If you've ever been around a cat, you've probably seen a catloaf — although you may not have known it at the time. "Catloaf" is a term coined by the Internet to describe how cats look like a loaves of bread when they sit with their paws under their bellies. Like this:

These two cats certainly look like loaves of bread. (Photo: CatLoavesOfInstagram)

The fact that catloaves are a thing is cool. The fact that they are so much of a thing that entire Reddit threads and Tumblrs are dedicated to it restores my faith in the awesomeness of the Internet.

So what could be better than a catloaf? How about an actual loaf of bread that looks like a cat, which of course looks like a loaf of bread?

The U.K. baker behind Lou Lou P's Delights recently served up this treat:

Lou Lou P's catloaf
Yorkshire baker Lou Lou's 'catloaf,' is part carb, part art. (Photo: Lou Lou P's Delights)

With an ordinary bread recipe (Lou Lou recommends this one,) and a little bit of creative license, Lou Lou turned a loaf of bread into a sweet, sleepy loaf of a cat complete with ears, baked in whiskers, and a perfectly pink nose. And as if that wasn't cute enough, she served up this cutie of a mama cat loaf and her little kitten loaves:

Lou Lou P's mom and kittens catloaves
A mama catloaf sleeping with her kitty-loaves. (Photo: Lou Lou P's Delights)

Want to make your own catloaf? Lou Lou offers up these step-by-step instructions. It even looks easy enough for a novice baker like myself to master.

Oh, and Lou Lou took things up a notch with this recent post:

Ok,so someone challenged me to make a 'Pugloaf'. Challenge accepted :3
Posted by Lou Lou P's Delights on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Pugloaf. FTW!